What is Super30 Data Analytics Program?

What is Super30 Data Analytics Program?

Analytics Shiksha is a venture by Data Science experts, who have been in the industry for more than 10+ years and have been teaching Data Science for the last 5+ years. In this program, we have condensed our knowledge and skills into a 6-month curriculum with a dedicated emphasis on honing THE ART OF PROBLEM-SOLVING. While most Data Analytics programs focus only on coding, mathematics, and statistics, there is one more crucial skill to become a good data science proffesional i.e. the art of problem solving which will give you an edge over any other candidate who would be competing for the same role. 


How is this program different from others?

All the programs are only focusing on math, coding, and stats but no one is teaching you THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING. Even ChatGPT can write a code and can do the stats but what makes a Data Scientist different from a bot is THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING and this is how you will have an edge over any other candidate who will be competing for the same role.

The great news is that to make it AFFORDABLE for everyone - we're offering the lowest fees in the industry. But here's the catch: we will be selecting ONLY 30 STUDENTS irrespective of any educational background. We're looking for dedicated students who we can fully support with our time and guidance to make them top 1% in the industry


What Makes Super30 Stand Out?

Looking at the Super30 Data Analytics Program as a mere course of study is quite misleading, it is more than a course; it is an incredible voyage that prepares you for the complex world of data science. Here's a closer look at what makes this program exceptional:

The art of problem solving: Imagine you are confronted with a puzzle that is difficult to resolve, and you need to determine the right way to solve it. That is what problem-solving is all about, and it is a skill we study in our course. We do not just make you to be a coder or number cruncher; we also make you a great problem-solver. Whether it be finding patterns in data or thinking creatively to solve real-world problems, getting adept at this skill is most crucial to be a successful candidate in the field of data science and analytics.

Business Understanding: Business understanding is the stage at which the goals and expectations are set from the business perspective and then transformed into the definition of data analytic problem. This step is important to ensure that the next analysis is responsive to the strategy and requirement of the business.

Only 30 Slots: Picture a small classroom, where everybody knows each other’s name. This is what our super 30 is all about. Our classes are kept small with 30 slots per batch only. This ensures that you will receive individual attention from our instructors and form good bonds with fellow batchmates. 

Daily Live Doubt Solving Sessions: Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own personal tutor available whenever you need them? That is what our daily live doubt solving sessions offer. Stuck on a problem or need some extra help? We have you covered with our data science expert instructors. 

Job Assistance: We are dedicated to your success even after you leave the class. Take advantage of our 100% job placement program, where we assist you in linking with job opportunities and help you throughout the application and interview process.

Company Tie-up Interviews: Through our wide network of industry contacts and company tie-ups, you can get access to exclusive interview opportunities with top companies.

Large Network of HR's: Leverage our extensive network of HR professionals who can offer helpful insights, direction and connections to support you in moving ahead in data science and analytics careers.

How do we teach?

The concept of how we teach is thus developed in such a way that promotes an effective, hands-on, and customized learning approach to develop professional practice in students. Let’s take a closer look at how we teach to ensure our student’s success. 



Exclusive mentorship from industry leaders: It is aimed to equip you with the essential information and practical recommendations necessary for data science and analytics. Also, the small size of the class means that you get individual attention from instructors who genuinely care about your success and provide immediate feedback that is unique to your learning style and career aspirations.

ChatGPT Module: Explore the future of learning with our ChatGPT module. Consider it as an AI-driven virtual study partner. This helpful assistant will guide you through difficult concepts and reinforce your learning. If you need a short clarification or some more practice, ChatGPT is here to help, making your path to learning easier and more fun.

Real World Industry Projects: During the course you are going to solve over 10 project-based assignments, which are based on actual challenges that occur in the industry. Ranging from the analysis of customer data to predicting market trends, these projects provide you with a feel of practicing in the area. Furthermore, they allow you to develop your skills and demonstrate to future employers that you have practical experience.

Graded Assignments: Prepare to check your knowledge.  During the course, you will have an opportunity to complete over 30 graded assignments aimed at checking your knowledge and tracking your progress. These tasks are not only about marks, but chances to strengthen your understanding and to make sure that you’re doing well.

1:1 Mock Interview Preparation: After the program, our custom 1:1 mock interviews session is here to take you that extra mile! Think of sitting with a friendly professional for a practice interview personalized just for you. You will receive vital feedback, useful advice, and you will get a lot of encouragement to make a difference when it is time for the real interview.


How to apply?

Step 1 – Visit our website and click on CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY button

Step 2 - Fill in your details and take our quick and entirely FREE 10-minute ELIGIBILITY TEST.

Step 3-Book 1-1 Screening with our industry experts.

The test and screening will help us to evaluate whether you are the right fit for #SUPER30.

 Hurry up! Click the button to CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY  NOW and secure your seat in the SUPER30 journey. 


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